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Buy  plants  from  us  or  just  learn  about  creating  your own  food  forest

You can apply anything you learn from me even to you little potted patio garden - it will still produce fresh and healthy veggies / fruits / berries / leafs that your health can benefit from.

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Our plants are all grown organically, so if you want to use a fresh leaf immediately after delivery - you are welcome to do so.

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I advise that you also look at the many youtube videos on permaculture / edible forest/goddess food forest.

My short version is this: 

Choose an area where you can plant anything, including trees, not worrying about it getting overgrown and bushy. 

Look at the slope of the land, dig small swales - it's like a little river with a small hill along with it on one side. The soil from the ditch you will scoop out right next to the ditch on the downhill side. This will help catch water when it rains, and cipher through underneath the "hill" - on which you will plant your important trees. 

Do not worry about removing grass first - lay down flattened brown boxes. Cover that with garden leaves, twigs, small tree branches, kitchen scraps and then grass cuttings. 

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After you plant anything, make sure to cover the area with a good layer of mulch immediately to keep the soil moist. This mulching/forest floor creation is necessary and you will have to keep on working for at least the first two years. If you are lucky enough to get hold of loads of wood ships - this will speed up this flooring process a lot.


I noticed new life in my "sticks, garden leaves & grass cutting floor after only 6 months! Crickets, worms, ants, and mice were working and I could not believe that this was the same "dead and tired old orchard". All of this done actually during the winter months. So when spring came, I had mixed a big bowl of seeds. It contained Corn, Sunflower, different garden flower seeds, Different squash and pumpkin seeds, seedpods from indigenous trees, even the small chia seeds from health stores. These seeds were simply thrown into the air over this area. This was September 2017. We only had some rain from middle November and the result was overwhelming! Just look at the picture proof below. It transformed that open orchard into a mini forest.




24 Feb 2017

On this day the first ditch was dug and the first 8 or 9 trees planted. I kept the old orchard trees and worked around them. 




























August 2017 - the whole area was covered with brown boxes, and layered with garden leaves and sticks and kitchen scraps. No fertilizers and pesticides were ever used in this forest. 














And on 09 Dec 2017 THIS was the same area - unbelievable :











































Your own Food Forest 

This is about my experience and you may do it differently - after all, its YOUR OWN Food Forest. Please also note that I am not in the medical profession, not a herbalist and not forcing you to take any of the herbs / plants for sale for internal or topical use. Please consult with your physician first.

I have used all of the plants that I sell on this web page and can honestly say that as allergic as I am to many things, none of these ever made me feel sick nor uncomfortable. Click on a plant you want to purchase and first read the information. 



                            Johan Smith

On 24 February 2017 I decided to start my own food forest in the old and unproductive fruit orchard on our property. It covers 2000 square meters and in peak season provides more fresh food and snacks than I can eat. For this reason it's no issue to share with birds, rats, mice, and other critters. 


Please be open minded when creating your food forest - it is not a standard vegetable garden, nor a well planned flower garden. Take a good deep look at a real forest. It's all about disorder, variety and a forest floor that never gets raked or sweeped clean. Start a forest by creating new soil on top of the old and deciding which of the bigger trees must be growing where. The rest will happen and evolve into a little urban jungle sooner that you think.   


Today I pick strawberries from places I can't remember planting them! It is like a surprise some evenings to fins something that's ripe and ready. From my kitchen scraps, I throw even mango and avocado seeds just anywhere. Most of the avo seeds actually started to grow! No digging, no rooting in water first....  just let nature do the work - we just give the supplies. THIS is what a food forest is about - to me at least. Don't forget to add eggshells as well... 

One of the best things is that when you plant with a big diversity and not grouping plants together, insects will not easily see that there is enough food for their whole colony and thus not destroy your total "crop". 

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