Take part in this fun activity:


  • Pick one of your favourite minifigures.

  • Photograph it clearly

  • Send your name, a short description and your photo(or 3) to:


Email : itechvanderbijl@gmail.com


Whatsapp : Johan 076 452 1496


Here are some ideas - but please use your wildest imagination!


Is your minifigure: ?

  • - swimming in the fishpond

  • - walking in the cake flour while mom is baking

  • - sitting on the cat's tail

  • - hanging onto your curtain

  • - sleeping in your shoe

  • - holding your cellphone charge cable

  • - inspecting your plate of food

  •  - smelling a flower


Create any situation - just show us (and maybe write 1 or 2 sentences to tell us) what your favourite LEGO Minifigure is doing today.


When we have enough photos, we will place them on our site: itechplus.co.za

You can get your friends and family to view it.




Remember, there are no winners. We all need a laugh, so get going and let your minifigure be the star today (or on any lockdown day)

Itech's Minifig

Johnny - skating up and down my garden plants.
By: Johan
Deagon is so used to the LEGO figurines, but wondering why are they all "up here" now?
By: Cassy 
Staring at the beautiful ocean in Mauritius
By: Troy Chelin
Minecraft and Snake "dudes" on a rescue mission - as they had to escape the Corona Virus. 
By: Jaiden 
Early morning mountain biking.  
By: Riaan Pretorius
Batman is looking out for dangers - always protecting his family in their Hong Kong skyrise apartment building. 
By: Eagle Leung 
Angry Birds adventures in Sun City
By: Troy Chelin
Lovely boat ride.
By: Riaan Pretorius
Stealing chocolate.
By: Riaan Pretorius
When you are hungry, your're hungry...
"no eating in the library" ! 
By: K.C. (Chuene)
Another day at the supermarket
By: K.C. (Chuene)
Lego Friends facing slime attack on my desk - Let's do this Girls !
By: Marcelle de Greef
"Benny's new job is not going too well.
By: Nick (Kreativpix on instagram)
By: Nick (Kreativpix on instagram)