Jerusalem Artichoke / Sunchoke

Small Daisy-like yellow flower in late summer

Harvest the edible tubers when plants die down (or leave in ground until you need them during winter) 

Make sure you plant it where you want it - it is difficult to get rid of this plant later - it spreads rapidly

Jerusalem Artichoke - 1 plant

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  • The Jerusalem Artichoke tubers (or sunchoke) contains many nutrients. 

    It is know to aid in blood sugar level reduction. It also allows normalizing of cholesterol levels (protecting from cardiovascular diseases) and these tubers allow the body to metabolize fats quicker.

    Sunchokes are protein-rich. It is also a good detox agent.

    It contains Iron and lots of Potassium as well. Potassium can counter effect the excess sodium in our bodies.

    Here is the fun part - these plants are also sometimes called fartichokes - yes if makes us fart a little more, but its excellent for regulating bowel movements. Colon cancenr can also be suppressed by the dietry fibre insulin (derived from the sunhokes).

    In effect, it adds good bacteria to our intestines to fight off the bad ones - thus leaving us healthier.