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  • This must be one of my favourite plants in the food forest for many reasons - one of the reasons is that I like the veiny leaves, they dont taste bad in a drink, and they supply my body with lots of minerals.


    Comfrey grows well in full sun and partial shade - I found that it does better in the shade. They are strong plants and the roots grow down as deep as 6ft to mine up minerals from the soil and bring it up to the leaves. 



    You may read on many websites that you cannot take Comfrey internally - but I have - and I am still alive and healthy. Just never overdo it as with any plant that you eat. It can cause some damage to your liver if you eat Comfrey every day - just don't do it. 

    As I said it's lovely to add one large leaf to other greens and fruit with honey as a juice. Use only the leaves and not the roots.

    But seriously - Comfrey as a friend:

    For mouth ulcers / bleeding gums you may make comfrey tea and use it as mouthwash. Comfrey tea can also be taken against gastritis, stomach ulcers and lung disorders.

    Effective againts artritis when applied topically.

     Comfrey can heal bones! Use it as a politce (or pressed leaves)and apply to broken toes, ribs and other minor fractures. 

    .....and here is my point: comfrey can be fed to animals. (so why can't I eat some? haha) It can stimulate egg production in poultry, improve skin & fur of dogs,  and can be used to cure septic sores.

    Excellent for your compost heap - or as in my food forest used as immediate compost - the chop & drop method. It regrows new leaves quickly. 


    You can also make a liquid fertilizer from only comfrey & water to feed your plants. 

    Its very rich in calcium, iron, potassium and manganese.