(called many names like wormwood / sagebush / Absinth etc)

1 small plant in a bag

usually not for sale during winter / early spring

Artemisia (wormwood)

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  • Bitter Taste when taken raw, but brilliant in a stir fry

    When applied directly, wormwood can help with insect bites, OA (osteoartritis), and wounds that need to heal.

    Anti Inflammatory

    Reduces Liver Damage

    Use for a number of digestion problems including:

    upset stomach, interstinal spasms, gall bladder disease, a loss of appetite.

    Effective against Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth.

    Artemisia can also be used to increase sexual desire, stimulate sweating, decrease fever, and as a tonic.

    Crohn's disease and IgA nephropathy can also be treated with wormwood (Artemisia).